Febrauary 29, 2016 — Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida are the leading choices for President among the nation’s physicians, according to a new national survey released today by Jackson Healthcare of Atlanta.

The nationwide survey of 2,348 physicians, conducted Feb. 24-26, is the first survey of doctors and their thoughts on the 2016 Presidential primaries.

Self-identified Democrats:

  • Hillary Clinton   67%
  • Bernie Sanders   23%
  • Donald Trump      3%
  • Marco Rubio         1%

Self-identified Republicans:

  • Marco Rubio      33%
  • Donald Trump    28%
  • John Kasich        13%
  • Ted Cruz             12%
  • Ben Carson           7%
  • Hillary Clinton      3%
  • Bernie Sanders      1%

Self-identified Independents

  • Hillary Clinton    23%
  • Marco Rubio       20%
  • Donald Trump     17%
  • Bernie Sanders    14%
  • John Kasich         13%
  • Ted Cruz               4%
  • Ben Carson            3%

“Doctors will be listening carefully during the next few months about who can offer a plan to best restore the doctor-patient relationship,” said Richard L. Jackson, chairman and CEO of Jackson Healthcare. “They are tired of insurance companies, attorneys and government being in the room when they are trying to heal patients.”

In total, all five GOP candidates drew support from 55 percent of respondent physicians compared to 40 percent for the two Democrat candidates. Primary care, behavioral health and women’s health tend to support a Democrat in the survey. Anesthesiologists, radiologists and surgeons tend to lean more toward GOP candidates.

The nationwide survey was conducted prior to the final Presidential debate scheduled before the Super Tuesday election held last Thursday evening in Houston. It drew 2,348 respondents. At 95 percent confidence, this survey has an error range +/- 2 percent.

To see more details of the survey click here.