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HWL empowers healthcare organizations to gain competitive advantage in today’s dynamic workforce marketplace. Powered by a customizable suite of technology-driven workforce management solutions, it builds and manages unique healthcare staffing solutions that attract talent, achieve cost savings, provide transparency and deliver operational efficiencies.

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What Makes Us Different?

HWL comes to the market with deep expertise from leading organizations in GPO and supply chain, workforce management software, healthcare delivery and cutting-edge technology, along with leading staffing agencies.

Leveraging proprietary technology, HWL’s healthcare workforce solutions deliver results that lower overall costs, enhance quality and maximize staff efficiencies, and increase visibility into overall labor activity and metrics.


Installed in 1,000+ facilities nationwide


Supports 450+ job titles (clinical, non-clinical and locums)


More than 200 affiliate staffing vendors


98% fill rate in all job disciplines


$650 million in annualized spend managed


HWL Works is a customizable suite of technology and advisory-based solutions designed to provide healthcare organizations with the tools and services they need to maximize staff and navigate labor shortages. Leveraging our leading managed service programs (MSP) and vendor management systems (VMS), along with an array of highly specialized programs that analyze current workforce scenarios, HWL builds and manages unique healthcare staffing solutions tailored to each client’s needs. In collaboration, we draw upon the expertise and resources of our partners to provide comprehensive offerings to help ensure exceptional value and customer satisfaction.

HWL’s end-to-end workforce solutions and technology include:

Vendor Management System (VMS) with:

  • Custom workflows
  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • Real-time dashboards
  • Custom & ad-hoc reports
  • A vendor-neutral model
  • Complex rate plan management
  • Online credentials management
  • Electronic timekeeping
  • Consolidated invoicing

Managed Services Programs (MSP) with:

  • Contract management
  • Dedicated account management
  • Clinical interviewing & screening
  • Onboarding & compliance management
  • Business intelligence

Locums Management with:

  • Custom workflow mapping
  • Credentialing and scheduling
  • Timekeeping/invoicing management
  • Detailed reporting and analytics

Local Insourced Flex Team (LIFT) with:

  • VMS software
  • IRP technology
  • Business intelligence & integrations

Advisory Services that include:

  • Recruitment
  • Compensation
  • Reporting visualization & workforce metrics
  • Contingent workforce management

Private Label Internal Offerings that include:

  • Cost savings
  • Seamless implementation & program management
  • Proprietary market pay data
  • Unique employment model
  • Agency expertise

HWL Marketplace that offers:

  • Collaborative solutions to expand the opportunity for success in healthcare workforce management
  • Value-added services and technology

SourceDirect with:

  • Innovative sourcing and talent acquisition optimization for your core staffing needs
  • Turnkey employer branding & digital marketing
  • Direct channels to HWL Marketplace
  • Integrated front-end sourcing engine
  • Customizable sourcing solutions available upon assessment
  • Real-time healthcare recruitment analytics
  • Enhanced screening & onboarding management
  • Contingency based fee model: pay for performance

Jonathan W. Ward

President, HWL

“HWL Works is a result of our dedication to providing next-generation solutions that enable healthcare organizations to overcome unprecedented labor challenges. Through our unique approach, we deliver results that lower overall costs, produce high quality staff and boost fill rates, creating a transformative impact on healthcare operations.”

  • Headquarters

  • Alpharetta, GA


“Our locums program required a centralized process to gain into our locums usage. Our goal was also to have the ability to generate detailed reports to monitor usage and spending, and to ensure that any changes in our processes were being tracked and measured. HWL provided a customizable approach to locums management, which has evolved over the last few years to meet our needs. The team has a wealth of experience and is committed to supporting Banner Health’s Locums team.”

– Karen Height, Senior Director for Physician & Provider Recruitment, Banner Health

“Upstate Works, powered by HWL, allows hospitals to access contingent staffing for rates 10-20% lower than traditional agency bill rates and provides access to proprietary market intelligence for traveling staff — nationally, regionally and locally. This intelligence gives hospitals the knowledge and ability to determine competitive compensation to attract temporary staff, while also saving money through lower bill rates.”

– Gary Fitzgerald, President & CEO, Iroquois Healthcare Association (IHA)

“To meet the high demand for clinical staff during and after the Covid-19 pandemic, our hospital developed a reliance on travel nurses. However, we needed more direct insight into the market rates for contingent staff and struggled to source quality candidates at competitive rates. That is until Grady Works was created by partnering with HWL. Thanks to this solution, we now have a clear understanding of the market rates and can drive competition for top candidates. As a result, our organization has saved money and improved our approach to staffing contingent labor.”

– Sabrina Broadnax, Vice President of Human Resources, Grady Health System