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Care Logistics delivers exceptional operational solutions to hospitals and healthcare systems, enabling leaders to make informed decisions regarding patient care and resource management. Through our cutting-edge CareEdge™ digital platform, we offer organizations a holistic view of operations, including real-time and predictive insights and recommended actions, enabling them to anticipate and address emerging opportunities and potential threats. Our state-of-the-art solutions are designed to create organizational alignment that drives increased efficiencies and helps ensure delivery of the best possible patient care.

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As a trusted partner, Care Logistics deploys state-of-the-art resources to help conquer operational challenges and achieve long-term, sustainable success. Our comprehensive scope of services drive improvement in nearly every area of the hospital and healthcare system.

Whether needs exist on the front lines, at the executive level or anywhere in between, Care Logistics empowers organizations to make informed, strategic decisions that address issues and inefficiencies in real-time and yield positive outcomes.

$25 Million Return

Average financial return for a partner with 15,000 acute discharges

55% Treatment Gain

Reduction in patients leaving the emergency department without treatment

52% Safety Gain

Reduction in preventable harm

13.9% Diagnostics Gain

Increase in outpatient diagnostics

0.52 Day LOS Reduction

Reduction in acute length of stay

31 Capacity Gain

Increase in bed capacity


In the face of growing complexities, organization often struggle with operational inefficiencies, misalignment and a lack of visibility into how their systems are performing. Recognizing these challenges, Care Logistics developed CareEdge™, an innovative platform designed to optimize operations and achieve outstanding results for both patients and staff.

CareEdge is backed by our operational model to help hospital and health system leaders achieve informed awareness, enabling them to make better decisions, faster. CareEdge provides real-time insights that can be used to take recommended actions that anticipate and address emerging threats and opportunities quickly and effectively. The platform leverages data from existing IT investments to provide a single, holistic view of health system operations.

Our offerings include:

  • The CareEdge™ adaptive digital health platform
  • Hospital command centers
  • Patient throughput and progression solutions
  • Operational discovery audits
  • Resource management solutions
  • Healthcare operational consulting

Samantha Platzke

President, Care Logistics

“As a former hospital executive, I saw firsthand the impact that operational efficiency has across every level of the health system and communities they serve. That’s why we remain committed to helping our partners improve their operations. Through our digital platform and operational model, organizations have the tools they need to overcome their challenges and deliver the best patient care possible.”

  • Headquarters

  • Alpharetta, Georgia


Doctor holding tablet of results

“I really feel like they (Care Logistics) are committed to our success and that it isn’t just a vendor relationship. It’s a partnership.”

– Sean Barden, Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer, Mary Washington Healthcare
Doctor presenting technology to group

“We were fortunate to have the right processes and tools to take on the extreme logistical challenges we faced during a multi-crisis situation. We couldn’t have done this without our care coordination hub and our partners at Care Logistics.”

– Robert Jansen, MD – Chief Medical Officer, Chief of Staff at Grady Health System
Doctor discussing results with colleagues

“The technology is really there to cement the process. It gives visibility to the patients and flow of the health system in many different ways. It enhances our documentation and gets us in-depth analytics to review at our monthly sustainability council and our daily operations huddle.”

– Christopher Newman, MD – Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer & Chief Medical Officer of MWHC