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Care Logistics

Care Logistics has over 10 years of experience partnering with hospitals to implement hub-and-spoke operational command centers. Mindset, methodology, and purpose-built technology drive sustainable customer results, including improvements in efficiency, reliability, patient statusing, avoidable patient days, and reimbursement while improving safety and quality.

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At Care Logistics, we support our partner hospitals’ missions of providing patient care that is high quality, efficient, and compassionate by empowering front line caregivers and clinical staff. Unique, innovative human process work, followed by purpose-built supporting software systems, increases both return on investment and sustainability. Our customer-first approach to achieving dramatic results is directly linked to our values of Others First, Wisdom and Growth. Because of our commitment and devotion to our customers, Care Logistics’ hospitals provide high-quality care, shorter lengths of stay, and appropriate reimbursement for the care they provide.


Average annual financial improvement of $18.9 million


Average reduction of 0.52 days in average length of stay


Average length of stay reduction equates to 11,007 fewer excess patient days, or 31 virtual beds


We work with our hospital partners to implement flexible, incremental approaches to care coordination and throughput efficiency, combined with innovative human logistics software. The result: efficient, reliable and predictable operations that dramatically improve productivity, quality and the patient experience, while increasing revenue and creating capacity for growth. Our products include:

  • Throughput and patient progression
  • Capacity management
  • Hospital operational command center
  • Intake and transfer center
  • Observation management

Samantha Platzke

President, Care Logistics

“Partner hospitals that implement our Hub and Spoke Care Coordination and Progression Models, including an Operational Command Center, transform their operations to deliver efficient, reliable and predictable care organization-wide and achieve performance excellence with better patient outcomes.”

  • Headquarters

  • Alpharetta, Georgia


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“Care Logistics has been a great addition to our strategy, providing great care to patients, engaging the providers in care, improving our efficiency and decreasing cost.”

– Maureen Kahn, President and CEO, Blessing Health