Shanon and Jennifer get their calling: fostering

After two years of prayerful consideration, Shanon and Jennifer Pruitt decided that fostering was what they were called to do. After getting approved, they accepted four-year-old Laila into their home. Laila had been placed in foster care after experiencing neglect from her biological mother, who was struggling with substance abuse.

Laila was the first child FaithBridge placed in their home, but when they found out she had a half-sister that was also placed in foster care, they welcomed two-year-old Mikayla into their home six days later so the siblings could be together.

Two months later, Laila’s biological father was located and notified. He came to Atlanta to be reunited with his daughter and take her back to New York to live with him.

The Pruitts’ now talk to Laila and her father weekly. These reconnections are especially impactful as they are able to continue Laila’s connection with her half-sister Mikayla.

The impact fostering has made on the Pruitts’ lives is undeniable. Jennifer captured it best:

I cannot imagine what our life would be if we didn’t do this.

FaithBridge Foster Care partners with churches to launch foster care ministries. The Pruitts are one of 283 families served by FaithBridge in 2016.

*The family members’ names have been changed to protect their privacy.

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