Doctors from traveled to Catacamas for 58 long-awaited surgeries

As Americans, we can get frustrated when we can’t get a medical appointment quickly. Imagine living as one of 150,000 people scattered over 2,300 square miles in a remote area of Honduras. The waits can be years, not days, and the likelihood of finding a specialist to treat your specific problem is uncertain.

Thirty years ago, the medical nonprofit Predisan was created to address this situation. In 2016, doctors from traveled to Predisan’s Good Samaritan Medical Center in Catacamas, Olancho state, for an intense eight days that included 58 long-awaited surgeries.

One hand surgeon, two general surgeons, and a gynecologist performed surgery on gall bladders and hernias, addressed gynecological surgery needs, and performed a hand tendon transfer than allowed a man to return to work. It was a huge boost to the Predisan program, which has grown to a high-volume group of 30 health facilities.

In just the past two years, patient encounters have increased from 77,600 to 163,000.

Beyond patient visits, Predisan is active in community development, education, and training local people for medical jobs within Predisan. The organization also operates CEREPA, a substance abuse treatment facility, and a birthing center and maternal care home for women who must travel a great distance for safe childbirth facilities.

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