In 2008, Care Logistics® launched a passionate effort to dramatically improve patient throughput and flow with the Hospital Operating System. We work with our hospital partners to implement breakthrough approaches to care coordination and throughput efficiency combined with innovative human logistics software. The result: efficient, reliable and predictable operations that dramatically, improve throughput, quality, and experience, while creating capacity for growth. Our team operates with a single, purposeful goal: Customer First, Dramatic Results.

Care Logistics focuses foremost on its customers, always. They partner with hospitals that are ready and eager to transform their operations to the benefit of their patients, providers, and community. They commit to helping hospital partners achieve and sustain dramatic results in patient care delivery, quality and experience. Together Care Logistics achieve dramatic results, delivering the highest quality care at the lowest costs.


In some arrangement of words, the cornerstone of your mission is helping people achieve healing. This mission, your mission, is fundamentally dependent on the experience (good or bad) created through patient care. With so little certainty in so much of healthcare, achieving performance excellence in the delivery of care is one of the few untapped strategies for producing positive trends across all your priorities. So where does it begin for you and your organization? Solution paths. Because each healthcare organization is unique, three different paths have been created to begin achieving performance excellence in the progression of care including Care Progression, Operations Optimized and Hospital Operating System (HOS).

“By using our expertise to redesign care coordination empowered by our enterprise logistics software, we help our hospital partners lower costs, add patient capacity and improve patient care quality.  Our Hospital Operating System sets the stage for our customers to excel by enabling them to achieve reliable and predictive operational performance.  They achieve increased levels of quality healthcare while reducing the costs needed to deliver their services.”

– Karl Straub, President, Care Logistics