Jackson Family Care Center provides a home for orphans

Every person on Earth harbors a deep longing for home – a place to be loved, accepted, welcomed and valued.

Those that find it thrive and grow. For seventy-five orphans in Zigong, Sichuan, China, that home is Jackson Family Care Center.

Remarkably, center director Hannah has a plan for each child, creating an atmosphere that emphasizes love, education and responsibility.

While a spirit of joy, love, and contentment pervade this large family, each one knows his or her importance to the group.

The children come from the most desperate of circumstances, whether they have lost both parents, were abandoned, or are from families that cannot feed and care for them due to extreme poverty. Most are at a disadvantage educationally, having received little academic encouragement prior to arriving at the center. Zigong is in a remote, earthquake-prone area.

They relish that role. As in many typical families, the kids have responsibilities such as sweeping, mopping, laundry, gardening, and building maintenance, with older children aiding younger. They attend the school next door, with most preparing for jobs in local communities. English language lessons are included at the center, making them more employable in the Chinese economy.

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