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"The Referral Management System has changed the game in our census and revenue. We've realized significant gains by responding to referrals faster and more thoroughly… We're enjoying a very productive partnership with Patient Placement Systems."

 - Gregg Hopper, Corporate Director Business Development, Greystone Healthcare Management

Patient Placement Systems provides Web-based software that helps hospitals and post-acute care providers share and respond to patient referrals electronically. In 2007, PPS launched the Web-based Referral Management System to automate and accelerate the referral, admissions and marketing processes for skilled nursing facilities. PPS applies a philosophy involving collaboration, honesty, integrity and commitment to achieve results.

Three key areas reflect the PPS commitment to its clients: proven results with satisfied customers, innovative software solutions that are the best in the industry and productive partnerships that go beyond merely superior technology and services to deliver continuous value and satisfaction. 

Company summary

Patient Placement Systems replaces mounds of paperwork with fast, low-cost online admissions and referral management.  Hospitals eliminate delayed discharges, and long-term care providers respond immediately to referral inquiries, accepting more patients, faster.


In addition to expediting the referral and admissions of patients, the Referral Management System increases revenue and profitability by admitting more patients with a more desirable case mix, with less cost and greater efficiency. Average referral response times improved from 30 minutes to eight minutes with RMS.  It markets skilled nursing facilities more effectively, measures success and provides business intelligence that skilled nursing facilities need to market smarter and manage quality census.

Hospitals use the Web-based Discharge Referral System to streamline discharge planning. Patient placement is accelerated with conversion of faxed referral documents to electronic ones, expedited insurance verification and analysis of patient discharge referral activity securely online.

"We're committed to delivering even more value for our customers tomorrow than we did today, continuously innovating new ways to help our healthcare provider partners manage referrals, placements and admissions faster and smarter."

- Doug Walker, General Manager of Patient Placement Systems.


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