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"I had been a member of MedReps for 2 years, and I decided in the past 6 months to start applying again since I now had great sales experience. I was offered a job with Ecolab selling surgical supplies - great job and money. Thank you and I will recommend you to anyone interested in this field! This was the only site I used for medical sales that was beneficial."

- Jonathan L., MedReps.com member

Healthcare Staffing Technologies delivers innovative staffing solutions and career websites to the healthcare industry. Progressive technology allows healthcare employers and agencies to easily connect with job seekers, and empowers healthcare providers to take control of their careers. Healthcare Staffing Technologies gives job seekers the resources they need to maximize their incomes and advance professionally.  And it offers employers and agencies a suite of online tools to effectively manage all of their staffing needs.

Healthcare Staffing Technologies provides job seekers and employers with a collection of powerful career development tools as well as an exclusive advanced search technology that accurately matches positions to candidates making it easier and faster to fill roles. 

Company summary

A member of the Jackson Healthcare family of companies, Healthcare Staffing Technologies has unique insight into the needs of the healthcare staffing industry, and addresses those needs through web technology.


Healthcare Staffing Technologies offers an evolving portfolio of products and websites that address the individual needs of healthcare job seekers, employers and agencies.

The flagship website, MedReps.com, is the premier job site for healthcare sales, marketing and management careers. Big-name industry employers and recruiters trust MedReps.com to deliver qualified industry professionals. Seasoned professionals know the most sought-after medical and pharmaceutical sales and marketing jobs are found only on MedReps.com.

The success of MedReps.com is due in part to strategic search engine optimization techniques, targeted advertising and effective social media and email marketing campaigns.   

"Healthcare Staffing Technologies is uniquely positioned to leverage our technology expertise to help customers achieve their goals. Our innovative solutions are created with the customer's needs in mind. From the individual healthcare job seeker to the hiring healthcare company or staffing agency, customer satisfaction is our primary focus."

- Karyn Mullins, Vice President and General Manager

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