Sunshine on a Ranney Day (SOARD) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit approved organization based in Atlanta, Georgia that creates dream room & home makeovers for children with long-term illnesses. Founded in 2012 by Peter and Holly Ranney, with the belief that that every child needs their own special place to feel safe, comfortable and relaxed – a place where they can play and allow their imagination to be free.

SOARD has quickly become a leading charity in Atlanta with expertise in residential ADA modifications including wheelchair accessible bathrooms, ramps, widened doorways…, therapy rooms, custom built medical storage, and unique children’s room design. It is the hope of SOARD that each family who receives a makeover have a renewed sense of hope knowing their child has a fun and safe environment to live in while at home.

SOARD relies 100% on donations from the public and the generosity of their great partners who perform work on the makeovers at little to no cost.

They invite you to browse their website, meet Peter and Holly, read the past makeover stories, watch the slideshows and meet all the great children who are now a part of the ever expanding Sunshine on a Ranney Day family.

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