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COVID-19 GA Response

Amid the fight against COVID-19, the vital role of healthcare professionals is front and center.

Although our company is focused on ensuring that healthcare providers across the country have the right medical staff when and where they need them, our current call is for providers to serve in Georgia.

If you’re a healthcare professional who lives in or near Georgia and are interested in serving on the frontlines, please provide your contact information below. Someone from our team will be in touch shortly.

Our mission of improving the delivery of patient care and the lives of everyone we touch is more important than ever. We see the doctors, nurses, advanced practice professionals, therapists, pharmacists and others with whom we work every day living up to the calling of their professions. In a time when we are hearing so much negative news, we are seeing amazing stories of healthcare workers stepping up and caring for those in need. We’re honored to be part of a vibrant healthcare ecosystem and the national response to COVID-19 and are encouraged to see so many working together in the name of health, wellness and the common good.