LIFE helps students with intellectual disabilities transition into the workforce

There is no lack of smiling faces at any Jackson Healthcare office, but some of the most genuine smiles in the Alpharetta location might just come from the members of the LIFE program.

LIFE, or Learning Independence for Future Employment, is a Fulton County Schools program that helps students with intellectual disabilities transition successfully into the workforce.

This team of young adults takes care of the essential tasks of sorting mail, stocking the Ciao Bella café with the supplies, prepping food for the chefs, feeding the koi, vacuuming, and the always-appreciated service of cleaning the gym equipment. In turn, these men and women polish their job skills, learning to interact politely in an office environment, riding the bus, paying attention to details, managing their time, and developing the stamina required by a full-time job. Teachers and paraprofessionals coach the students, most of whom are 18—22 years old and who have completed their academic requirements.

We get more from the students than they ever get from us.

— Ciao Bella’s master chef, Gianni Betti

It’s an opportunity for the students to develop skills for their first post-graduation jobs, but even more, these employees bring great attitudes, enthusiasm, and energy to Jackson Healthcare as they fill important roles in company operations

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