Grace’s life was changed through a home transformation

Blindsided. It’s a word many parents use when they learn that their child has a long-term illness or disability. Life changes for the whole family, especially for the child whose health has declined.

For the parents of Grace, an 11-year old girl with Rett Syndrome, the changes began when she was 10 months old, with symptoms worsening since then. Rett Syndrome is a rare genetic and developmental disorder that affects the use of the hands, verbal communication, and mobility, and is primarily seen in girls.

But blindsided turned to visions of lavender, butterflies and flowers when Jackson Healthcare partnered with Sunshine on a Ranney Day, a non-profit that creates dream rooms and healthcare-related adaptations in the homes of kids with long-term illnesses. A team from Jackson Healthcare lent their labor and time to The Grace Project and the Jackson Healthcare Foundation contributed financially, providing a suite that includes a wheelchair-accessible bathroom, space for therapy, and a breathtakingly beautiful room that any girl would love.

We gave Grace a place where she can have access to everything that we take for granted every day.

“She can enjoy an easier life,” said Jessica Karlan, Physician Liaison. For Grace, a sparkle-eyed fifth grader who might be SpongeBob’s biggest fan, that sunshine will last through whatever rainy days might come.

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