Connecting Kids with Care™ provides orphaned children with free, life-changing medical care

Millions of children around the globe are in need of medical care that local doctors are not available to provide.

Connecting Kids with Care™ is a not-for-profit initiative of Jackson Healthcare’s which facilitates doctors and other licensed medical providers to help impoverished global children with tech-enabled healthcare. Since launching in July 2016, more than 100 volunteer medical professionals have helped treat 600+ medically at-risk children with more than 100 humanitarian organizations in 15 countries.

The Connecting Kids with Care™ initiative mobilizes Jackson Healthcare’s core healthcare staffing relationships, technologies and expertise. Services are 100 percent free for both medical volunteers and those receiving care.

More importantly, it leverages our team of people committed to making a difference.

This allows humanitarian groups to access adoption medical assessments, urgent and episodic care, chronic disease care plans, chart reviews with physician collaboration, feeding and therapy plans, and clinical decision making for the children in their care.

These diagnoses allow the kids to gain proper care and, in many cases, move into permanent homes or adoption processes.

In October 2017, Connecting Kids with Care™ moved from initial pilot phase to expansion phase and opened up to more medical providers and humanitarian groups.

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