Jackson Healthcare — Creating A Culture Where Leaders Thrive

Jackson Healthcare’s story is extraordinary.

Richard L. Jackson, Chairman and CEO, is a leader with a proven track-record of starting and growing businesses. He has experienced the ups and downs of companies and markets. He has taken the career-defining risks that distinguish true leaders. And he has accomplished all of this without losing touch with what makes or breaks businesses — it’s people.

This spirit is reflected in the mission, vision and values of Jackson Healthcare and its operating companies.

However, our mission, vision and values aren’t pretty words hanging on the walls of the organization. Visitors experience (and comment on) Jackson’s unique culture in everyday encounters with our company’s leaders and associates. It’s what’s earned Jackson Healthcare the honor of being named Atlanta Business Chronicle’s best place to work in 2014, following seven consecutive years as a finalist.

Today, Jackson Healthcare is one of the largest staffing companies in the U.S., serving more than five million patients in over 1,300 healthcare facilities. We also provide hospitals with logistical solutions to patient throughput and operational efficiency.

Mission, Vision and Values

  • The mission of the organization is to improve the delivery of patient care and the lives of everyone we touch.
  • Our vision is to create an unparalleled environment where great companies thrive.
  • Our values are captured here.

What We Offer Business Leaders

Jackson Healthcare is continuously seeking to start and acquire healthcare companies. We seek companies that solve a specific healthcare problem and embody our cultural values.

All companies are Jackson-owned — we have no outside investors. The company’s capital is patient allowing for long-term decision-making.

Our goal is to empower leaders to build and sustain market-leading companies, rather than waste precious time and resources dealing with administrative hassles.

As a member of the Jackson family of companies, executives enjoy continual support from the following corporate resources:

  • Strategy
  • Marketing
  • Human Resources
  • Financial Services
  • Legal & Risk Management
  • Facilities
  • Information Technology

We hope Jackson Healthcare plays a key role in your future.

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